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Dental Assisting (DTL) Courses

DTL 121 - Orient to Dent Assist/Off Management

(2.00 credits)

This course is designed to provide the student with a solid foundation to become skilled in effectively using the correct terminology when dealing with various people in various situations. The skills learned in this course can be used when building relationships with people as related to success with patients, co-workers, and employers. Also provides in-depth understanding of the dentist's and auxiliary's ethical and legal responsibilities to patients and to each other. Emphasis is placed on the auxiliary's role in risk management. An introduction to basic office procedures used on a daily basis is included.

DTL 124 - Basic Dent Science & Medical Situations

(3.00 credits)

This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the various sciences used in the dental health field. Class work also deals with preventive dentistry and patient care. The course provides the skills needed to handle any medical emergency in the dental office and provides a solid fundamental knowledge of HIV/AIDS as it pertains to patients, co-workers and employers. The student will be eligible to test for Red Cross certification in CPR, First Aid, and HIV/AIDS in the Workplace.

DTL 125 - Dental Operatory Procedures

(4.00 credits)

This course is designed to provide the skills needed in the maintenance of treatment rooms, equipment, tray preparation, selection and proper sterilization of dental instruments/or equipment, and the hands-on use of four- and six-handed chair side procedures. The course covers the physical and chemical interactions, manipulations, application and storage of various restorative materials.

DTL 126 - Dental Radiology

(4.00 credits)

This course is designed to provide history, principles, and biological effects on the human body. Also included are the exposing, processing, and mounting of radiographs using proper safety techniques. The course provides supervised theory and lab techniques covering intra and extra oral radiographic production, processing, mounting, and evaluation. The student has the opportunity to become skilled in dental x-ray procedures with a heavy emphasis on safety.

DTL 127 - Dental Clinical

(2.00 credits)

Theories and skills learned in the classroom are applied to actual clinical situations through low-income clinic work on campus. The experience is made possible by local dentists who volunteer their time and services. This course provides the student with the opportunity to enhance chair side and laboratory skills in the dental environment and to work with dentists in a structured environment.

DTL 128 - Dental Specialties

(4.00 credits)

This course is designed to provide the student with a basic knowledge, including indications and contraindications, of the use of dental specialties. Varied skills dealing with each specialty will be introduced.

DTL 129 - Dental Biology

(2.00 credits)

Microbiology/Anatomy and Physiology is a required course for Dental Assisting students. This is an introductory course that is taught in one semester. The course is taught in a lecture format. This course will cover microbiology, pathophysiology and anatomy of the head and neck.

DTL 131 - Dent Lab Materials & Expanded Functions

(3.00 credits)

The student will learn to identify properties, uses, and manipulations of various dental laboratory materials. A hands-on use of selected laboratory materials is used in the fabrication of numerous dental products. Also learned are selected laboratory procedures including proper use, maintenance, and safety of laboratory equipment. Much of this course is hands-on lab work. The student will have the opportunity to become skilled in the clinical aspects of the Idaho Expanded Functions for Dental Assistants. The student will have the opportunity to be tested for the Idaho Expanded Functions certificate.

DTL 132 - Supervised Work Experience

(6.00 credits)

This course is designed to allow students to apply theories and skills learned in the classroom and lab to actual clinical situations in area dental offices. This gives the student the opportunity to become further skilled in the Idaho Expanded Functions. The student may also receive experience in specialty offices (e.g. orthodontics or oral surgery).

DTL 135 - Expanded Duties

(3.00 credits)

Designed to teach the following expanded functions: coronal polishing, pit & fissure sealants, provisional coverage (temporary crowns), and nitrous oxide administration. (All of the functions are required for a State of Idaho Expanded Functions Certificate).


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