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ENG 101 - English Composition

(3.00 credits)

Using the essay as a model for organization, students will be introduced to critical reading and writing challenges including pre-writing strategies, invention, revision and editing. In a minimum of 20 pages of revised writing, students will produce essays and reports that show unity and coherence, develop and support a central thesis, and demonstrate organization and unification. Keyboarding skills are strongly recommended.

ENG 102 - Critical Reading and Writing

(3.00 credits)

Provides instruction in critical reading and writing of expository and argumentative prose, including summaries, analysis, and research. Focus on critical reading; research methods; gathering, evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing ideas and evidence; and documentation. This course is designed to help students understand and acquire the habits of the mind that are central to academic inquiry and to exercise skills in reporting documented research.

ENG 110 - Introduction to Literature

(3.00 credits)

This course surveys major writers and various literary genres throughout a minimum of three historical periods. Reading will include drama, poetry, short stories and novels. The emphasis is on literature as it contributes to and reflects an understanding of the human condition, ideas and values. Both canonical and diverse contemporary writers will be covered. Students will write a variety of papers equaling 2500-3000 words of edited prose.

ENG 202 - Technical Communication

(3.00 credits)

This class is designed for those interested in practical applications of technical writing and communication principles. It offers instruction in group dynamics, teamwork, and writing skills applicable to business and industry and includes the fundamentals of composing memos, letters, abstracts, instructions, and reports with an emphasis on clarity, conciseness, and document design.

ENG 90 - Basic Writing

(3.00 credits)

This course prepares students for English 101 by addressing fundamentals of essay writing. Focus is on the writing and editing processes with an emphasis on correctness, fluency, organization and revision. A passing score on the mandatory exit exam is required for successful transition to English 101.


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