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Health Care Technologies (HCT) Courses

HCT 100 - Introduction to Health Professions

(2.00 credits)

This course is designed for students entering programs for training in a health care profession. Information provided in this course will give students a basic knowledge regarding the preparation necessary for a large number of health care careers and current health care trends.

HCT 101 - Medical Terminology

(2.00 credits)

Using computer assisted instruction, this course provides a body system by body system approach to spelling, pronouncing, and using terminology that is unique to the medical environment.

HCT 105 - Phlebotomy

(2.00 credits)

This course provides the student with a working knowledge of specimen collection techniques and laboratory procedures routinely performed in health care facilities while observing all aseptic and safety precautions in accordance with health care standards.

HCT 109 - Medical Ethics

(2.00 credits)

This course provides a solid understanding of the statutes, regulations, and bioethical issues that impact medical office personnel. Students will be exposed to legal concepts such as standards of care, scope of employment, criminal and civil law, contracts, risk management, and the aspects of medical malpractice cases.

HCT 118 - Certified Nursing Assistant Training

(4.00 credits)

Prerequisite: Must be at least 16 years old, CPR card, and current immunizations as per Health Professions Division. This course is designed for persons needing nursing assistant training or for students preparing to enter the practical nursing program. Training is provided through lectures, practice sessions, and clinical experiences using the skills and knowledge of health care principles, policies, and procedures to give personal care to patients in a health care institution. Each student is required to take the written test and skills test. Clinical hours may be different than classroom hours. * See Certificated Nursing Assistant description under Health Professions Division for Entrance Requirements.

HCT 121 - Professionalism for Health Careers

(1.00 credits)

This class is designed for students enrolled in the nursing and health sciences educational programs. The information provided is essential to the success of today's health care workers. Hands-on technical skills remain a high priority, but good character, a strong work ethic, and personal and professional traits and behaviors are becoming more important than ever before. Regardless of job title or discipline, every health care student and worker must understand the importance of professionalism and the need to perform in a professional, ethical, legal, and competent manner.


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