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Legal Technologies (LGL) Courses

LGL 101 - Introduction to Legal Assisting

(3.00 credits)

Instruction in this course presents an overview of the professional role of a legal assistant, reviews, ethics, regulation, professional trends and issues, legal analysis, and the legal system.

LGL 102 - Law Office Procedure & Technology

(3.00 credits)

This comprehensive simulation is comprised of various activities most often performed by the legal assistant, such as billing, calendaring, time keeping, document & file control, event tracking, and records management. The student will also be introduced to various legal-specific software, telecommunication, and office equipment generally found in a law office.

LGL 103 - Legal Terminology

(3.00 credits)

Students will learn the definitions, synonyms, and pronunciation of legal terms and understand how these terms are used in legal documents, instruments, and correspondence.

LGL 104 - Legal Document Drafting

(3.00 credits)

The focus of this course will be on introducing key legal documents to acquaint students with legal format, parlance, and vernacular. Specific focus will be given to studying the unique components of different documents, as well as provide students with hands-on training in drafting a variety of legal correspondences, memos, and legal documents. Students will also be introduced to state and federal courts and rules and learn how procedural rules relate to document drafting.

LGL 110 - Civil Litigation I

(3.00 credits)

This course provides the learner with principles of civil litigation in federal and state courts with a focus on the initial phases of a lawsuit, including client interviews, pre-litigation investigation, jurisdiction and venue considerations, service of process, and discovery. Discovery topics include interrogatories, depositions, document production, and requests for admission. The principles learned will be applied to practical litigation exercises.

LGL 207 - Procedures of Bankruptcy Law

(3.00 credits)

This course provides the learner with a comprehensive understanding of debtor/credit law and how it relates to bankruptcy. Students will examine related laws using realistic case-studies that explore how debt is created and collected preparatory to filing bankruptcy. The course evolves from understanding the formation of debt, to exploring different bankruptcy options available to debtors, to learning how bankruptcy cases are adjudicated and closed upon order of discharge.

LGL 208 - Family Law

(3.00 credits)

The purpose of the family law course is to give legal assistants an understanding of domestic relations law and to show students how those laws govern family situations. The content of the course covers such areas as formation of a marital relationship, dissolution of marriage, child custody and support, adoption, paternity, domestic violence and child neglect.

LGL 210 - Internship

(3.00 credits)

This course provides the student with an opportunity to gain practical work experience under the supervision of an attorney or experienced legal assistant in day-to-day, on site office work. The student must prepare the necessary job search documents and conduct interviews to obtain a legal assistant internship position and complete 150 hours of work at the internship site, which may be a private or public law office, corporate or government legal department, or other appropriate law-related setting. In addition to on-site work, the student will prepare a daily journal of his/her activities and observations while on site, and a portfolio of five (5)legal documents prepared on the job site.

LGL 211 - Civil Litigation II

(3.00 credits)

This course continues the study of the litigation process. Topics include discovery techniques, settlement negotiations, organization of case files, document control, an overview of alternative dispute resolution, trial preparations, and post-trial proceedings. Basic research skills will be used to locate applicable state and federal laws as they relate to civil litigation. In addition, students will be introduced to post-judgment supplemental proceedings utilized in the civil litigation practices. This course implements a cumulative assessment simulation utilizing mock litigation exercises.

LGL 212 - Criminal Law

(3.00 credits)

This course explores the basic concepts of criminal law, criminal procedure, and the development of the American criminal justice system. Students will learn how the criminal justice system works, including how cases proceed from the filing of criminal charges, to arrest, to arraignment, to pre-trial, to trial, to sentencing, and to appeal. Lecture and assignments are designed to familiarize students with the application of criminal laws, statutes, and procedural processes.

LGL 217 - Legal Practices

(1.00 credits)

This course will provide students with the opportunity to practice the skills learned in subsequent classes. Students will perform various legal practices as performed by legal assistants in a traditional law office setting. FA Prerequisite: LGL 102 or instructor approval

LGL 218 - Basic Legal Research

(3.00 credits)

Covers the basic tools of legal research, including Westlaw and Internet based research. Emphasis is placed on how to use reference tools fully, finding and updating law, correct citation format, and legal writing.


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