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MAT 100 - Introduction to Algebra

(4.00 credits)

This course prepares students to enter technical programs at EITC or other postsecondary institutions. This course will focus on equations, signed numbers, quadratic equations, formulas, inequalities, graphs, and radicals.

MAT 104 - Welding Mathematics

(3.00 credits)

This course is designed for students in their first year of Welding Technology. The U.S. Customary and Metric systems of measurement are used. Whole number arithmetic, fractions, percentages, and decimals are used with emphasis on converting units within and between the two systems. Formula solving and setting up of proportion equations are used to solve practical problems in geometry. The course concludes with right triangle trigonometry as applied to typical shop welding problems.

MAT 105 - Business Mathematics

(3.00 credits)

This is a comprehensive mathematics course with an emphasis placed on its usage in the business environment. This course takes an in-depth view of various business concepts including: mark ups, mark downs, financial statement analysis, bank reconciliations, business margins, ratios, simple interest, amortization, and time value of money.

MAT 108 - Intermediate Algebra

(3.00 credits)

This intermediate course is a review of algebra with an emphasis on solving equations and inequalities, including nonlinear equations and systems. Additional topics covered include factoring, rational expressions, exponents, radical, and quadratic equations.

MAT 110 - Technical Mathematics

(3.00 credits)

This course is designed as a basic mathematics course for students in auto and diesel programs. Students will evaluate electrical and hydraulic systems, calculate power transfer and explore personal finance.

MAT 112 - Mathematics for Health Professions

(3.00 credits)

This course is a basic mathematics course for students in health professions. Appropriate application in health care will be stressed throughout the course. Course content review fractions/decimals; percentages, ratios and proportions; and covers formula evaluation, dosage measurement, drug orders and labels; the metric system and conversions; methods of dosage calculations; and specialized calculations.

MAT 123 - Mathematics in Modern Society

(3.00 credits)

This course will be a survey of mathematics and focus on effective thinking skills. Many exciting and beautiful mathematical ideas are covered including logic, number theory, probability, statistics, non-Euclidian geometry, and various other higher-level mathematical concepts. The historical, biographical and philosophical nature of mathematics will be explored.

MAT 123L - Mathematics in Modern Society Lab

(0.00 credits)

October 7 2013 9:29 AM Suzanne Felt Formerly used for the 4 credit MAT123. MAT 123L now used for students to take MAT 123 that do not meet the pre-requisite scores beginning 2014SP.

MAT 253 - Elementary Statistics

(3.00 credits)

MAT 253 is an algebra-based probability and statistics course which covers descriptive statistics, probability, binomial and normal distribution, confidence intervals, and hypothesis-testing. Correlation and regression are also introduced.


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