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Marketing (MKT) Courses

MKT 103 - Sales and Customer Service

(3.00 credits)

Selling is the engine that drives all business. It is it's lifeblood and without sales, companies will go out of business. Students in this course will learn how to sell, the psychology of selling, and what induces the buying motive in customers. Students in this course will participate in actual sales competitions in order to effectively understand the selling process.

MKT 112 - Introduction to Marketing

(3.00 credits)

This introductory course is designed to present an overview of the concepts of marketing principles and practices used in business. Models, concepts, and techniques that are effective in the design and implementation of a marketing application are discussed. This course will continue on in MKT-125-Introduction to Marketing Strategies.

MKT 120 - Marketing on the Internet

(3.00 credits)

Internet participation is essential for successful business today. This course examines how businesses can market themselves, provide customer service, and connect with customers using the internet. Online marketing strategies used in this course include search engine optimization, pay per click, affiliate programs, mobile marketing, site analytics, and social media.

MKT 123 - Practicum I

(1.00 credits)

This course is a one-semester cooperative education component which allows the student to work in an approved position in the community in order to apply the skills learned in the classroomin the real business world. This very important course lets the student, instructor, and employer work together in furthering the educationalprocesses.

MKT 124 - Practicum II

(1.00 credits)

This course is a one-semester continuation of MKT-123, Practicum I.

MKT 125 - Introduction to Marketing Strategies

(3.00 credits)

This is a second semester continuation of the Introduction to Marketing MKT 112 course. It expands on the principles of marketing with greater depth in the marketing mix: product, price, distribution, and promotion.

MKT 202 - Entrepreneurship

(3.00 credits)

This capstone course in the Marketing and Management degree option utilizes a sophisticated computer online simulation software package. This challenging simulation is based on a real-life management scenario where each student manages her or his own multi-million dollar company. Students plan and manage products and compete against other teams worldwide using realistic market measures such as stock price, EPS, ROE, ROS, and so on. This cross-functional simulation integrates major elements of business decision making including Research & Development, Production, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Total Quality Management.

MKT 214 - Business Advertising

(3.00 credits)

Fundamentals of business advertising and promotion are the focus of this course. Print, electronic, digital, and out-of-home media advertising formats are covered. Course videos include award winning commercials shown as examples of great advertising. Students produce a portfolio of advertisements employing multiple forms of media which they have collected throughout the semester.

MKT 221 - Practicum III

(1.00 credits)

This course is a one-semester component which allows the student to apply hands-on techniques to material presented in the classroom/lab. This component will be either through an approved work station or approved real-life experience.

MKT 222 - Practicum IV

(1.00 credits)

This course is a one-semester continuation of MKT-221, Practicum III.


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