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2015-2016_ ___________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
Office Specialist
Intermediate Technical Certificate
32 Credits
Financial Aid Eligible
Semester 1
BOT 151
Leadership I
CIS 101
Computer Information Systems
MAT 105
Business Mathematics
COM 101
Fundamentals of Speech
ACC 110
QuickBooks for the Office
OFP 112
Business Editing and Proofreading
BOT 146
Keyboarding I
BOT 147
Keyboarding II
BOT 148
Keyboarding III
Semester 2
BOT 152
Leadership II
OFP 140
Electronic Office Concepts
OFP 118
Word Processing
ENG 101
English Composition
OFP 142
Business Spreadsheets
OFP 152
Practicum I
OFP 123
Business Machines
Program Options
Associate of Applied Science Degree
Advanced Technical Certificate
Intermediate Technical Certificate
The Web Development Technologies program offers three
options for students interested in becoming a part of this exciting
and growing career field: the Associates of Applied Science
Degree (AAS) two-year program, Intermediate Technical
Certificate one-year program, and the Advanced Technical
Certificate which is a shorter four-semester program. All web
development programs are designed to prepare students for
employment by providing hands-on “job ready” competencies
through courses that teach skills to build cutting edge web sites
from the ground up. Students will have the opportunity to build
an impressive portfolio of completed web sites. The current
industry certifications awarded through this program will enable
students to distinguish themselves by demonstrating in-depth
knowledge and expertise in a variety of web development areas.
Entrance Requirements
This program assumes an intermediate level of computer
knowledge at the beginning of the program. Students may
demonstrate this level of knowledge with a current IC3
certification, successfully passing CIS 101 with a grade of “B”
or better, passing the EITC Computer Literacy Exam with an
80% or better, and/or gaining instructor permission. It is
recommended that all prospective students visit with an
instructor to review their particular qualifications and receive an
overview of the program prior to enrollment.
All three programs focus on an in-depth coverage of web
development that covers current markup language, style sheets
and scripting languages, web development tools, current web
design, database skills, and query languages. Students will also
practice soft skills needed to work successfully with clients,
administration, and co-workers
In addition to the skills listed above, the Associates of Applied
Science (AAS) degree students will also have the opportunity to
complete an internship to demonstrate industry work
experience. AAS students will go in-depth with client and
server-side programming to create web projects with dynamic
content. AAS students will also learn how to successfully market
the Web sites they create and will have the opportunity to certify
in graphic design, learn about mobile application development,
and the very latest in emerging technologies of the internet.
Intended Learning Outcomes
• Demonstrate knowledge, skills, and proficiency in a variety of
current web development tools and techniques including
graphics, web authoring, style sheets, markup languages,
scripting languages, and database management
• Create, deploy, and maintain effective, usable, appealing, and
engaging websites by applying current industry standards
including current design, layout, and development principles and
using proper coding practice
• Demonstrate work readiness through industry work experience
and in-class, independent, and team projects using web
development, communication, time-management, organization,
prioritization, and customer/client service skills
• Demonstrate a knowledge of the business environment in
regards to web development including e-commerce, web
marketing, necessary security measures, ethical standards,
copyright standards, and working seamlessly with all areas of the
business hierarchy
Program Costs
In addition to the semester registration fees, a Web Development
Technologies student can expect to spend approximately $800
on books and $200 for software and web hosting services per
Industry Testing for Certification
Upon completion of the appropriate industry certification
courses, students demonstrate proficiency by participating in the
industry certification exam process including
certifications through Adobe, W3Schools, and NOCTI. A testing
fee is assessed to the course that directly relates to the EITC
required certification exam.
Web Development Specialist
Associate of Applied Science Degree
60 Credits
Financial Aid Eligible
Semester 1
BOT 151
Leadership I
CIS 120
Web Development Basics
CIS 200
Web Design Fundamentals
MKT 112
Introduction to Marketing
OFP 227
Database Management
COM 101
Fundamentals of Speech
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