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2015-2016_ ___________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
Practical Nursing
Advanced Technical Certificate
40-49 Credits
Financial Aid Eligible
Prerequisite Component
To be completed prior to entering the professional component of
the program:
HCT 118 or CNA Certified Nurse Assistant Training
ENG 101
English Composition
HCT 101
Medical terminology
HCT 103
Fundamentals of Human Anatomy
& Physiology
MAT 112
Mathematics for Health Professions
Recommended for Students who want to advance to RN
HCT 118 or CNA Certified Nurse Assistant Training
ENG 101
English Composition
HCT 101
Medical terminology
BIO 227
Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIO 227L
Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab
BIO 228
Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIO 228L
Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab
MAT 108 Intermediate Algebra
Professional Component
To be completed in two semesters.
Fall Term:
NRS 117
Essential Fundamentals of Nursing
NRS 117L
Essential Fundamentals of Nursing Lab
NRS 107
Introduction to Pharmacology
NRS 143
Foundations of Medical/Surgical Nursing I
HCT 125
Nutrition for Health Care Professionals
Spring Term:
NRS 144
Foundations of Mental Health Nursing
NRS 207
Introduction to Maternal/Child Nursing
NRS 230
Leadership for the Practical Nurse
NRS 243
Foundations of Medical/Surgical Nursing II
Program Options
Associate of Applied Science Degree
Three semesters and one summer term
Enrollment in the Associate Degree Nursing Program is
limited. Because of the number of applicants, completion of
all admission requirements does not ensure acceptance into the
program. Candidates for admission are selected from the pool of
qualified applicants using a point-based process.
The ADN program is operated with the approval of the State
Board of Nursing. The student graduates with an Associate
of Applied Sciences degree in nursing and is required to pass a
state licensure examination (RN-NCLEX) to become a licensed
registered nurse.
The program is designed for students already licensed as
practical nurses who wish to expand their scope of practice in
preparation for assuming the role of registered nurse. Students
will expand their skills and knowledge in all areas of nursing
with a focus on critical thinking and preparation to provide
independent and holistic quality nursing care.
When students are accepted into the RN program they must
graduate under the catalog in effect at the time of their admission
to that program or a subsequent catalog.
Intended Learning Outcomes
• Utilize organizational and priority setting skills to manage the
care of a group of patients in a variety of healthcare settings
through collaboration and appropriate delegation with other
health care professionals.
• Practice nursing within the legal and ethical codes of the
profession and society, assuming responsibility and
accountability for their practice in nursing as defined by the
Idaho Nurse Practice Act.
• Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills
utilizing the nursing process to guide care to individuals with
a wide range of health deviations and cultures to promote and
assist in maintaining an optimum level of functioning and health.
• Competently demonstrate nursing knowledge and technical
skills in a variety of healthcare settings for a wide range of
health deviations, health promotion and patient teaching, with
awareness that health care is constantly evolving and changing
requiring continued learning and acquisition of new knowledge
and skills.
• Demonstrate effective verbal, nonverbal, written and listening
communication skills in therapeutic relationships and patient
teaching with clients and their families and interactions with
other health care professionals.
• Demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of nursing
to guide interactions with patients, families, peers, other
professionals and the public to provide safe and competent
nursing care.
• Demonstrates knowledge of registered nursing scope of
practice including; patient care, patient teaching and health
promotion, and an understanding of the nurse’s role within the
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