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2015-2016_ ___________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
with the latest technology needed to save lives and protect
property in a safe and efficient manner. Participants must be
members of paid or volunteer fire departments because specific
activities in these courses require access to facilities and
equipment located at fire departments. Courses are delivered
through local fire departments on demand when sufficient
enrollment is secured. The course work listed (except general
education requirements) for the Idaho State Fire Fighters
certification is delivered through statewide fire departments. All
courses, except general education requirements, will be graded
on a Pass/Fail basis.
IFSAC Accredited FireFighter Certification
Hazardous Materials
Fire Fighter I
Fire Fighter II
Fire Instructor I
Fire Officer I
The Idaho FireFighter Certification Program is a voluntary
program. There is no statutory requirement that firefighters
become certified. Students who complete IFSAC Accredited Fire
Fighter Certification are eligible to transfer the certification to 41
states and several foreign countries. The certification program
establishes a way to judge the proficiency of firefighters and
first responders, irrespective of their department affiliation and
regardless of whether they are career or volunteer. This
certification meets the National Fire Prevention Association
(NFPA) standards.
Program Costs
This program requires the completion of IFSAC Accredited
Fire Fighter Certification in Hazardous Materials Operations,
Fire Fighter I, Fire Fighter II, Driver/Operator Pumper, Fire
Instructor I, and Fire Officer I. In addition, students will be
required to complete 15 credits of General Education courses.
Interested participants will be required to complete a Portfolio
Process which inludes the submission of a formal application
for admission and official transcripts for all IFSAC Accredited
Fire Fighter Certifications listed above. The cost for review of
the Portfolio Process and Associate of Applied Science Degree is
listed as follows:
Cost Per Credit (Technical Education Requirements..........$10.00
Cost Per Credit (General Education Requirements)..........$102.50
EITC Admissions Application.............................................$15.00
Registration Information
For registration information, contact Eastern Idaho Technical
College at 1600 S. 25th E. Idaho Falls, ID 83404 or call
535-5381 or toll free 1-800-662-0261.
Fire Service Technology
Associate of Applied Science Degree
63 Credits
Not Financial Aid Eligible
FST 100
Fire Training Technology
Idaho Fire Fighter Certification
COM 101
Fundamentals of Speech
ENG 101
English Composition
ENG 102
Critical Reading and Writing
MAT 123
Mathematics in Modern Society
PSY 101
Introduction to Psychology
Professional Truck Driver Training
Program Options
Basic Technical Certificate
Intended Learning Outcomes
• Employable as a trained, safe, and professional truck driver.
• Represents a positive image of the trucking industry to the
• Understands and complies with Federal Motor Carrier
Safety Regulations
• Communicates with and contributes to the community
The Professional Truck Driver program is designed to prepare
students to meet the qualifications to become an entry-level
commercial truck driver. The program provides in-depth
classroom instruction as well as range and road driving.
Participants will learn basic operation, safe operating practices,
vehicle maintenance, and non-vehicle activities such as cargo
handling, trip planning, and customer relations. Classroom
instruction will be two weeks in length. Driving range and
behind-the-wheel driving and observation will be four weeks in
length. Students will also obtain a Commercial Drivers License
How long will it take?
This program is designed to be completed in a six-week,
40-hour per week time frame. The length of the course may vary
based on enrollment. This program is normally offered every
four weeks throughout the year depending on student enrollment
Program Cost
The course fee for the Professional Truck Driver training
program is $3,862*. This includes textbooks, Department
of Transportation (DOT) medical exam, drug test, and CDL fees.
Students who want to receive a Postsecondary Technical
Certificate must fill out an Application for Graduation Form
and pay a $15 Fee. Graduates are required to sit for proficiency
exams at the conclusion of their program. Information regarding
costs and dates for the exams will be posted in the online catalog
and available from the program instructor(s).
*A fuel surcharge may be applied. Tuition fees are subject to
*PTD 101, 102, and 103 are offered as a package and cannot be
taken individually, no refund after the start of program.
Why Professional Truck Driver Training at EITC?
• Avoid traveling to distant training programs—save money by
living at home and attending school locally
• The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics estimates a
rapidly growing nationwide need for qualified commercial truck
• Attend small classes conducted by professional commercial
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