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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ ___________________________________________________________ 2015-2016
ADN 231 Advanced Clinical Foundations
4 Credits
The clinical lab and clinical sites will allow the student to work
with patients experiencing acute and chronic health deviations in
high acuity settings. The student will explore current
interventions for both immediate and long term care needs of the
patient and family. Nutrition, physiology, pathophysiology and
pharmacology will be integrated through the learning process.
This will be accomplished utilizing textbooks, blackboard,
virtual clinical excursions, CD-ROMs, DVDs, internet and
web-based sources, simulation labs, guest lecturers and clinical
sites within the community hospitals and other medical
institutions. FA
ADN 240 Dimensions of Professional Nursing
2 Credits
This course the student explores current issues facing nursing in
today’s increasingly complex health delivery system including;
legal and ethical roles of the profession, economics of health
care, nursing research, the theoretical frameworksfor nursing
practice, RN licensure, coping skills for the novice RN, and
the specialization and diversity within the profession. This will
be accomplished utilizing textbooks, blackboard, CD-ROMs,
DVDs, internet and web-based sources. SU
ASE 102 Workplace Technical Skills
3 Credits
This course introduces students to personal and work related
strategies for seeking and keeping employment. This includes an
employment plan, cover letter, resume and interview. Students
will study professionalism, teamwork, how to properly dress
for an interview, how to accept a job, and how to interact with
employers and other employees. Students will also be introduced
to warranty report writing, work orders, estimates, and how
technicians are compensated. Students will be introduced to
different types of communications. Students will learn how to
tell the difference between technical and people skills. Students
will set short and long term goals. SP
Prerequisite: MTD 101
ASE 111 Basic Power Plant Systems
2 Credits
This course is an in-depth study of the internal combustion
engine. Items to be covered include four-cycle theory, power
development in the internal combustion engine, cylinder
arrangement, valve train arrangement, displacement,
compression ratio, engine components and their function,
lubricating systems, the classification and rating of engine oils,
diagnosis of engine oil leaks, compression loss, oil consumption,
engine noise, and engine measurements. A four- cycle engine
will be disassembled, measured, and assembled; making all
necessary adjustments. The engine will run upon completion. SP
Corequisites: ASE 112, ASE 113
ASE 112 Upper Power Plant Systems
2 Credits
Items to be covered include valve covers, gaskets, timing cover
and seals, intake manifolds, cylinder heads, head surfaces,
camshafts, valve guides, valve springs and retainers, timing
chains and gears, rocker arms, pushrods, valves, and cam
bearings. Areas of study include description, identification,
failure analysis, disassembly, preparation for assembly, and
assembly. SP
Corequisites: ASE 111, ASE 113
ASE 113 Lower Power Plant Systems
2 Credits
Items to be covered include oil pan, motor mounts, oil and filter
changing, detection of oil leaks, engine removal and
replacement, disassembly and assembly procedures, parts
cleaning, cylinders, main bearings and alignment, cam bearings,
block surface, crankshaft, connecting rods and bearings, pistons,
piston pins, oil pumps and soft plugs. Study will include
description, identification, failure analysis, disassembly,
inspection, measurements, preparation for assembly, and
assembly. SP
Corequisites: ASE 111, ASE 112
ASE 121 Automatic Transmissions
3 Credits
This course covers theory, operation, and principles of automatic
transmissions. Items covered are fluid couplings, torque
converters, planetary gear systems, hydraulic and electrical
control systems, and transmission lubricating and cooling
systems. Minor adjustments, transmission tune-up service,
replacement, repairs, and diagnosis are included in this course.
ASE 131 Manual Drivetrains & Axles
2 Credits
The theory and principle of clutches, manual transmissions,
drive lines (including U-joints), differential assemblies, and
transaxles as used on cars and light trucks, both domestic and
foreign, will be covered. 4x4 and AWD transfer cases, both
single and double reduction units will also be covered. SP
ASE 141 Automotive Suspension & Steering Systems
2 Credits
Covered in this course are theory, adjustment, and repair of
manual steering systems, front and rear suspension systems,
basic four-wheel alignment, wheel balancing (both statically and
dynamically),tires, and wheel bearings. The student will use our
wheel alignment and tire service equipment. FA
ASE 151 Automotive Brake Systems
2 Credits
This course covers the theory, principles, and operation of brake
systems. Items covered are hydraulics as applied to brakes,
brake fluid types and characteristics, master and wheel cylinder
operation, disc brake caliper operation, brake system valving,
operation of drum brakes, operation of disc brakes, operation of
parking brakes, and operation of vacuum and hydraulic brake
boosters. Inspection of brake components, adjustments, service,
and minor repairs of brake systems are included in this course.
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