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2015-2016_ ___________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
ASE 163 Introduction to Automotive Electronics
5 Credits
This course covers theory, principles, and operation of auto-
motive electrical systems. Items covered are electrical terms,
electrical current flow, magnetism, electrical current sources,
conductors, insulators, circuit test instruments, circuit protection,
switches, relays, solenoids, diodes, transistors, gauges, simple
motors, induction coils, resistors, and capacitors. Testing of
batteries, as well as testing, disassembly, inspection, and
rebuilding or repair of generating systems and starting systems
are included in this course. FA
ASE 172 Basic Heating & Air Conditioning
4 Credits
This course covers safety, basic theory, operation, maintenance,
testing, and repair of water pumps, cooling fans and drive
clutches, drive belts, coolant/antifreeze, radiators, radiator caps,
recovery systems, heater controls, heater cores, heater hoses and
clamps, A/C compressors and clutches, evaporators, condensers,
receiver dryers, accumulator dryers, TXVs, orifice tubes, and
various other control systems. Proper use of specialized
diagnostic equipment and tools is included. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 163
ASE 184 Basic Computer Controlled Engine Systems
2 Credits
This course is an introduction to computer engine controls and a
study of how and why computers have been introduced into the
automotive industry. Items covered will be the microcomputer,
sensors, actuators, and wiring which are necessary for the proper
function of the computer. Proper identification, location,
function, and testing of these components will be stressed. SP
Prerequisite: ASE 185
ASE 185 Ignition Systems
2 Credits
Covered in this course are the purpose, theory, and
fundamentals of standard and modern electronic ignition
systems, tune-up procedures and analyzing, testing, diagnosing,
and proper repair of ignition systems. The key fundamentals of
the ignition system and its components and functions will be
covered. Safe testing procedures to diagnose the ignition system
to include: compression tests, starter draw tests, cylinder output/
balance tests, basic scan-tool tests, and the use of the automotive
oscilloscope will be stressed and practiced. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 163
ASE 214 Diesel Engine Rebuilding
2 Credits
A complete engine rebuild will be performed including removal
and replacement of the engine. Complete disassembly,
measurement, preparation for assembly, and assembly will be
covered. SP
Prerequisite: ASE 111, 112 and 113
ASE 216 Diesel Engine Service
2 Credits
This course is a complete study of the diesel engine, covering
Cummins, Detroit, and other diesel engines. Diesel theory,
troubleshooting, maintenance, and tune-up will be covered. SP
Prerequisites: ASE 111, ASE 112, ASE 113
ASE 221 Computer Controlled Automatic Transmissions
3 Credits
This course covers diagnosis and correction of major problems
in automatic transmissions such as fluid leaks, transmission
slipping, transmission lock-up, and shifting problems. Major
diagnosis, repair, and overhaul of automatic transmissions are
included in this course. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 121
ASE 233 Heavy Duty Drive Train, Transmissions, and
3 Credits
This course describes the component needs for a truck driveline
and the procedures needed for inspecting, servicing, and
lubricating universal joints. The eliminating of vibrations
through correct phasing and driveline alignment is discussed.
The students will learn the importance of drive line angles
and how to measure and calculate them. Both hydraulic and
electrical driveline retarders will be introduced. The students
will learn how to identify the types of axles and combinations
of axles as used in medium and heavy-duty trucks. They will be
able to explain the function of a power divider and trace the flow
of power through a tandem drive axle combination. They will be
familiar with the various types of gears used for truck axles.
Students will know the lubrication requirements and service
procedures required for truck axles. Basic troubleshooting
and repair of differential carriers will be taught. Students will
demonstrate competence by disassembling and reassembling
both power dividers and differential carriers. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 131
ASE 242 Advanced Suspension and Steering Systems
2 Credits
Major repair of power steering components, pumps, gears,
cylinders, individual and integral units, rack and pinion steering
(both standard and power), complete suspension overhaul,
four-wheel alignment, and balance is emphasized. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 141
ASE 243 Heavy Duty Suspension and Steering
2 Credits
In this course the student will study heavy-duty suspension and
steering systems as applied to class 3 through class 8 trucks.
Emphasis will be on the diagnosis and repair of: manual and
power steering systems; front and rear axle suspension systems,
tires and wheels; and wheel alignment diagnosis, adjustment
and repair. Related subjects include the inspection of fifth wheel
assemblies, frames and frame members, and cab suspension
systems. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 141
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