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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ ___________________________________________________________ 2015-2016
ASE 252 Antilock & Power Brake Systems
2 Credits
This course covers diagnosis and repair of major problems in
brake systems. Items included are brake system leaks,
fluid contamination, and major repair of drum and disc brake
systems. Diagnosis, repair, replacement, overhaul, resurfacing of
brake drums, disc rotors, and skid control systems are covered.
All components of the brake system are included in this course.
Prerequisite: ASE 151
ASE 253 Air Brake Systems
2 Credits
This course covers theory, principles of operation, and related
math of both light-duty and heavy-duty trucks. This course also
covers air brakes used on trucks and equipment. This course
will cover cam, wedge, power-assist (hydrovac) brakes, and air
brakes (air compressors, treadle valves, brake chambers, and
components related to air brakes). Also an introduction to engine
brakes and truck/trailer ABS is included. Troubleshooting and
repairs will be performed on mock-up units and live work
projects as they are available. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 151
ASE 262 Automotive Electronics
2 Credits
This course covers theory, operation, and principles of
automotive body electrical systems. Items covered are wiring
diagrams and harnesses, windshield wipers, dash components,
speed controls, power seats, power windows, horns, printed
circuits, seat belt interlocks, fusible links, power door locks,
external and internal lighting systems, and other components of
the body electrical system. Testing, replacement, and repair of
body electrical systems and wiring harnesses are included
in this course. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 163
ASE 264 Advanced Automotive Electronic Component
Testing & Safety
3 Credits
This course covers a review of Ohm’s Law and its application
to the modern-day computer systems. There will be a review of
alternators, starters, and an introduction to the automotive
security systems used on today’s automobiles. The main
emphasis of this course will be theory, operation, and testing of
the electronic components which support the automotive
computer . A section of electronic safety while working with
today’s automotive computer is included. How to repair the
sensitive components without serious damage to the component
or the technician will be covered in this section. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 262
ASE 266 Diesel Electrical Systems
5 Credits
This course covers the electrical system as used on medium and
heavy-duty trucks. Students registered for this class will have
previously successfully completed ASE 163. This course is
designed to cover the tasks required by ASE to complete test T6
Electrical and Electronic Systems. The content areas are:
*General Electrical Systems Diagnosis and review of Ohm’s
*Electrical safety necessary while working with today’s
automotive and truck computer electronics
*Battery Diagnosis and Repair
*Starting System Diagnosis and Repair
*Charging System Diagnosis and Repair
*Lighting System Diagnosis and Repair
*Gauges and Warning Devices Diagnosis and Repair
*Related Electrical Components. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 163
ASE 272 Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning
2 Credits
This course reviews safety, the basic theory, operation,
maintenance, testing, and repair of heating and air conditioning
components and systems. It is a comprehensive study of
different diagnostic practices and approaches for the proper
repair of the modern automotive and diesel industry heating and
air conditioning systems. Emphasis will be on the proper use of
test equipment to avoid damage to the HVAC system, the
specialized tools, and the technician. FA
Prerequisite: ASE 172
ASE 284 Light Truck Diesel Fuel Injection Systems
2 Credits
This course includes diesel theory, fuel, fuel system components,
and operation. Topics include removal, replacement, and timing
of fuel injection pumps. Injector nozzles of various styles are
disassembled, repaired, and tested by the student. Minor fuel
system problems are discussed. Students learn the theory of op-
eration of distributor style injection pumps. Troubleshooting and
resealing procedures will be demonstrated. SP
Prerequisite: ASE 292
ASE 285 Gasoline Fuel Injection Systems
3 Credits
This course covers components and functions, diagnosis,
replacement, repair, and overhaul of major problems in the
gasoline fuel injection system. Items covered are fuel pump
pressure, flow and pressure regulator tests, identification of
various components and types of gasoline fuel injection systems.
Safe-testing, overhauling and component replacement
procedures within the system are covered. Students will
receive both lecture and hands-on practical applications. SP
Prerequisite: ASE 286
ASE 286 Computer Controlled Engine Systems
3 Credits
This course covers the basic operation of a microcomputer, how
binary numbers are used in the computer, the function of a
microprocessor or how a microcomputer is programmed to
control ignition timing, fuel air ratio, and exhaust emissions,
theory of operation, troubleshooting, tune-up procedures,
diagnosis and repair of all major manufacturers. Electronic
Engine Control systems will be covered. SP
Prerequisite: ASE 184
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