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2015-2016_ ___________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
CIS 101 Computer Information Systems
3 Credits
This course teaches students basic proficiency in the use
of personal computers - knowledge essential for successful
employment in the modern workplace. The following three
modules are covered in this class: 1) Key business software
applications (word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation
software), 2) Computer fundamentals (Operating systems,
software, hardware, and social issues such as ethics) and 3)
Online applications (the internet, using online research,
understanding intra-networks, and e-mail). An overview of
EITC’s computer network is also provided. ALL
CIS 120 Web Development Basics
4 Credits
This course introduces the student to design and construction
of internet websites, as well as understanding and using the
underlying elements of Web pages. Students will use the current
markup language syntax, tags and structure elements, and style
sheet standards to create, deploy, and maintain Web projects.
Students learn the current W3C standards and are exposed to the
latest enhancements. FA
Prerequisite: CIS 101 or equivalent
CIS 200 Web Design Fundamentals
3 Credits
This course provides an overview of design practices to create
aesthetically pleasing Web pages. Students will develop a critical
eye for evaluating Web site design. The course covers
visually appealing designs across media types, which utilize
colors, graphics, photography, and typography, as well as current
design and layout standards. Students learn the importance of
designing a user-centered Web project that meets the customer/
client expectations. Students will also learn to work effectively,
safely, and ethically in today’s business environment.
Prerequisite: CIS 101 or equivalent
CIS 220 Development for Modern Devices
4 Credits
This course uses the latest development techniques for current
industry devices to build systems that meet the users’ needs
using best practice principles. Students will learn how to
effectively use application architectures for a range of wireless
devices via hands-on experience. SP
Prerequisite: CIS 235
CIS 234 Computer Assisted Graphics
3 Credits
This course uses Adobe Illustrator for the design of graphics and
Adobe Photoshop for the manipulation of photographs for use in
publications and the World Wide Web. The course
presents preparing optimizing files for output and color theory.
Prerequisite: CIS 101 or equivalent
CIS 235 Advanced Website Design
3 Credits
The student will work with organizations to develop and publish
websites using a variety of advanced coding methods. This
course will build on the W3C standards introduced in CIS 120
and will provide advanced web programming skills in HTML/
XML, JavaScript, VBScripts and CGI programming to work
with cookies, forms, input validation, database connectivity and
searches. SP
Prerequisite: CIS 120
CIS 236 Web Development Tools
3 Credits
This course provides the students with the skills necessary to
utilize the latest industry standards in graphical applications for
web development. A number of applications will be examined
and used in the course to provide rapid web development skills
to the student. SP
CIS 238 Database Driven Websites
3 Credits
This course will examine the different approaches for creating
dynamic web pages that interact with databases and
demonstrates how web servers interact with database servers and
browsers to create dynamic web pages. The students will use
relational database concepts to create queries using SQL. The
course will interact with databases using both client-side and
server-side scripts. FA
Prerequisite: CIS 239
CIS 239 Advanced Data Management
3 Credits
This course provides the advanced skills necessary to develop
scalable organization databases. Organizational information
needs and limitations will be examined to plan and develop
databases that can later be utilized in the creation of dynamic
websites. Industry standards in database software will be utilized
throughout the course. SP
Prerequisite: OFP 227
CIS 240 Emerging Technologies of the Internet
3 Credits
This course will examine the latest development tools and
applications including plug-ins, e-commerce solutions,
browser development, web services, and cloud computing. New
and developing trends within the internet industry will be studied
and applied to specific requirements of website site
clients. SP
Prerequisite: CIS 239
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