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2015-2016_ ___________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
ELT 155 Electronic Lab
5 Credits
Experiments involving subjects covered in ELT 153. Students
will construct, measure, and analyze circuits. FA
Corequisite: ELT 153
ELT 156 Electronic Control Devices Lab
5 Credits
Experiments involving subjects covered in ELT 154. Students
will construct, measure, and analyze circuits. SP
Prerequisites: ELT 141, ELT 153, ELT 155
Corequisite: ELT 154
ENG 101 English Composition
3 Credits
Using the essay as a model for organization, students will be
introduced to critical reading and writing challenges
including pre-writing strategies, invention, revision and editing.
In a minimum of 20 pages of revised writing, students will
produce essays and reports that show unity and coherence,
develop and support a central thesis, and demonstrate
organization and unification. Keyboarding skills are strongly
recommended. ALL
Prerequisites: A COMPASS score of >67 in both Reading and
Writing or an ACT English score of 18-24 or completion of ENG
ENG 102 Critical Reading and Writing
3 Credits
Provides instruction in critical reading and writing of expository
and argumentative prose, including summaries, analysis, and
research. Focus on critical reading; research methods;
gathering, evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing ideas and
evidence; and documentation. This course is designed to help
students understand and acquire the habits of the mind that are
central to academic inquiry and to exercise skills in reporting
documented research. ALL
Prerequisites: ENG 101 or a minimum COMPASS score of
>94 in both Reading and Writing with a satisfactory entry essay
written during the first class session. Students who do not pass
the entry essay diagnostic exam may be admitted with the
permission of the instructor and with the provision that they
attend regular tutoring sessions in the Writing Center.
ENG 110 Introduction to Literature
3 Credits
This course surveys major writers and various literary genres
throughout a minimum of three historical periods. Reading will
include drama, poetry, short stories and novels. The emphasis is
on literature as it contributes to and reflects an understanding of
the human condition, ideas and values. Both canonical and
diverse contemporary writers will be covered. Students will
write a variety of papers equaling 2500-3000 words of edited
prose. FA/SP
Prerequisite: ENG 101
ECO 201 Macroeconomics
3 Credits
An introduction to the U.S. economy. Includes analysis of
demand and supply as well as the topics of national output,
unemployment and inflation. Examines the role of government
spending and taxation and monetary policy conducted by the
Federal Reserve.
ECO 202 Microeconomics
3 Credits
An introduction to demand and supply with applications to
elasticity, consumer behavior, the cost structure of firms, the
behavior of firms in industries that range from having
monopoly power to being competitive, and the role of
government in a market economy.
ELC 203 Introduction to Computer Programming
3 Credits
This course introduces students to the fundamentals of software
engineering and emphasizes that analysis of the problem is the
key to successful program creation. Special emphasis is placed
upon logical thinking and good programming style. The goal is
to educate, motivate and excite programming students regardless
of previous programming experience. SP
ELT 141 Applied Mathematics I
4 Credits
Basic math as it applies to electrical theory. Includes
algebraic and trigonometric topics as they relate to DC and AC
(sine wave) circuit analysis. FA
Corequisite: ESE 100. A COMPASS Pre-Algebra and
Algebra score >44
ELT 142 Applied Mathematics II
4 Credits
Continuation of ELT 141. Selected algebraic and trigonometric
topics as related to DC and AC (sine wave) circuit analysis
with special emphasis on trigonometric solution and vector
analysis. SP
Prerequisite: ELT 141
ELT 153 Electronic Theory
5 Credits
Fundamentals of DC and AC electronics: safety, soldering,
electrical units, Ohm’s law, series and parallel resistive circuits,
voltage and current, meters, network theorems, magnetism,
inductors, capacitors, AC-DC network analysis and power
supplied. FA
Corequisites: ELT 141, ELT 155
ELT 154 Electronic Control Devices Theory
5 Credits
Comprehensive study of semiconductors, power supplied,
transistor amplifiers, and operational amplifiers. It covers digital
fundamentals including logic gates, Boolean algebra,
combination logic circuits, digital registers, counters, and timing
circuits. SP
Prerequisites: ELT 141, ELT 153, ELT 155
Corequisites: ELT 142, ELT 156
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