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EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE_ ___________________________________________________________ 2015-2016
ENG 202 Technical Communication
3 Credits
This class is designed for those interested in practical
applications of technical writing and communication principles.
It offers instruction in group dynamics, teamwork, and writing
skills applicable to business and industry and includes the
fundamentals of composing memos, letters, abstracts,
instructions, and reports with an emphasis on clarity,
conciseness, and document design. SP
Prerequisite: ENG 101
ESE 100 Engineering Technology Orientation
1 Credit
An introduction to the opportunities and responsibilities of an
engineering technician. Exposure to the various fields of
technology through field trips, movies and guest lectures.
Introduction to materials, techniques, and college services,
which will assist the student in completing a technology
program. FA
FST 100 Fire Service Technologies
48 Credits
This program is designed to upgrade paid and volunteer fire
fighters in the latest fire fighting and life saving techniques. The
course work listed (except general education requirements) for
the Idaho State Fire Fighters certification, associate of applied
science degree program, is delivered through statewide fire
All courses except general education requirements will be
graded Pass/Fail.
HCT 100 Introduction to Health Professions
2 Credits
This course is designed for students entering programs for
training in a health care profession. Information provided in
this course will give students a basic knowledge regarding the
preparation necessary for a large number of health care careers
and current health care trends. FA/SP
HCT 101 Medical Terminology
2 Credits
Using computer assisted instruction, this course provides a body
system by body system approach to spelling, pronouncing, and
using terminology that is unique to the medical environment.
HCT 103 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology and
3 Credits
This course provides a study of the normal structure and function
of body cells, tissues, organs and body systems, including the
interrelationships of body systems and the proper terminology to
describe the systems. It relates body systems to patient care.
Prerequisite or Corequisite: HCT 101
HCT 105 Phlebotomy
2 Credits
This course provides the student with a working knowledge
of specimen collection techniques and laboratory procedures
routinely performed in health care facilities while observing all
aseptic and safety precautions in accordance with health care
standards. FA/SP
All students must have started their hepatitis B vaccines before
the first day of class. Must be 18 years old. Must have high
school diploma or GED.
HCT 109 Medical Ethics
2 Credits
This course provides a solid understanding of the statutes,
regulations, and bioethical issues that impact medical office
personnel. Students will be exposed to legal concepts such as
standards of care, scope of employment, criminal and civil law,
contracts, risk management, and the aspects of medical
malpractice cases. FA/SP
HCT 118 Certificated Nurse Assistant Training
4 Credits
Prerequisite: Must be at least 16 years old, CPR card, and
current immunizations as per Health Professions Division. This
course is designed for persons needing nursing assistant training
or for students preparing to enter the practical nursing program.
Training is provided through lectures, practice sessions, and
clinical experiences using the skills and knowledge of health
care principles, policies, and procedures to give personal care to
patients in a health care institution . Each student is required to
take the written test and skills test. Clinical hours may be
different than classroom hours. ALL
* See Certificated Nursing Assistant description under Health
Professions Division for Entrance Requirements.
HCT 125 Nutrition for Health Care Professionals
1 credit
This course provides students with understanding of basic
concepts of nutrition and relevance of nutritional principles for
growth and development throughout the lifespan. Students will
gain a general understanding of nutrients and food sources, as
well as the importance and functions of fats, proteins,
carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins necessary to sustain the
human body. FA
LGL 101 Introduction to Legal Assisting
3 Credits
Instruction in this course presents an overview of the
professional role of a legal assistant, reviews, ethics,
regulation, professional trends and issues, legal analysis, and the
legal system. FA
LGL 102 Law Office Procedure & Technology
3 Credits
This comprehensive simulation is comprised of various activities
most often performed by the legal assistant, such as billing,
calendaring, time keeping, document & file control, event
tracking, and records management. The student will also be
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