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2015-2016_ ___________________________________________________________ EASTERN IDAHO TECHNICAL COLLEGE
MAS 101 Pharmacology for Health Professions
2 Credits
This course introduces legislation relating to drugs, drug
references, drug classification and actions. Various areas will be
touched on, such as patient education, effects of specific drug
actions on body systems, side effects, precautions to be used,
contraindications, etc. Vitamin and mineral functions are covered
as well as the subject of substance abuse. Time will be given to
learn how to use a PDR as a reference for information. FA
Corequisite: MAT 123
MAS 120 Diseases of the Human Body
2 Credits
Introduction to diseases of the human body. Includes infectious
and congenital diseases, neoplasms, as well as diseases of each
specific body system. SP
MAS 121 Beginning Administrative Skills for Medical
4 Credits
This course includes the components of an administrative career
in a physician’s office, and other health care facilities. Group
collaboration and the aspects of health care team, oral and
written communication skills, and operational tasks such as
scheduling patient appointments, managing patient records, and
patient accounts will be included. FA
MAS 122 Beginning Clinical Skills for Medical Assistants
4 Credits
This course introduces students to the clinical aspect of working
in a physician’s office, medical clinic, or other health care
facility. Clinical and lab procedures included in this course are
medical record creation and maintenance, vital signs, medical
asepsis and OSHA standards, introduction to laboratory
procedures and testing and necessary documentation, laboratory
quality control and quality assurance, and physical agents that
promote healing. ear and eye exams and procedures and all
necessary documentation. FA
Prerequisites: HCT 100
MAS 205 Administration of Medications
2 Credits
This course covers the routes of administration and the proper
method of delivery of medications by those routes. Various types
of medication are discussed as well as the absolute rules
concerning medication administration, including dosage
calculations. SP
MAS 210 Externship II
6 Credits
Upon successful completion of the classroom and laboratory
instruction required for an Associate of Applied Science Degree,
each student will complete an externship that provides an
opportunity in a medical facility to incorporate principles,
activities, and skills previously learned while under the
supervision of qualified personnel. SU
MAS 221 Advanced Administration Skills for Medical
4 Credits
Using extensive computer applications, students will learn
document composition, banking and bookkeeping skills,
advanced medical office procedures, and transcription skills
required for medical office management. SP
Prerequisite: MAS 121 or instructor approval
MAS 222 Advanced Clinical Skills for Medical Assistants
4 credits
Upon completion of the course the student will have
demonstrated the ability to perform numerous clinical skills
necessary and common in a variety of health care environments:
assist with specialty examinations, knowledge of skills and
equipment needed to perform EKG and spirometry testing and
the documentation needed, assist with colon exam and lab
testing, prepare and set-up for minor surgical procedures and
sterile technique. Introduction to radiology and diagnostic
procedure will also be included. SP
Prerequisite: MAS 122 or instructor approval
MAT 100 Introduction to Algebra
4 Credits
This course prepares students to enter technical programs at
EITC or other postsecondary institutions. This course will focus
on equations, signed numbers, quadratic equations, formulas,
inequalities, graphs, and radicals. ALL
Prerequisite: A COMPASS score >44 in pre-algebra or 15-45 in
Algebra or a minimum ACT Math score >16
MAT 104 Welding Mathematics
3 Credits
This course is designed for students in their first year of
Welding Technology. The U.S. Customary and Metric systems
of measurement are used. Whole number arithmetic, fractions,
percentages, and decimals are used with emphasis on converting
units within and between the two systems. Formula solving and
setting up of proportion equations are used to solve practical
problems in geometry. The course concludes with right triangle
trigonometry as applied to typical shop welding problems. FA
Prerequisite: A COMPASS score >30 in pre-algebra
MAT 105 Business Mathematics
3 Credits
This is a comprehensive mathematics course with an emphasis
placed on its usage in the business environment. This course
takes an in-depth view of various business concepts including:
mark ups, mark downs, financial statement analysis, bank
reconciliations, business margins, ratios, simple interest,
amortization, and time value of money. ALL
Prerequisite: A COMPASS score >44 in pre-algebra or >15
in algebra
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