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Eastern Idaho Technical College
or call (208) 524-3000 ext. 5344, 5345 or 5371
Cyber Security Awareness
(Protecting your Stuff)
This Class will raise awareness of the
cybersecurity threats that face us every day.
We will discuss what is happening in the
world today that directly impacts us and
the safety of our information. Tips will be
shared on how to protect your identity and
your information.
LIFE-148-01SP TH 07:00PM-10:00PM
$25.00 240B
Staying Safe Online
In a recent survey when asked why they
don’t always do all the things they can or
should do to stay safer online, Americans
said they simply lacked the information or
knowledge. This class helps provide the
information and knowledge needed to be
safer online. Whether using your smart
phone, tablet, or desktop, whether a family
or business there are some simple things you
can do that will protect your information.
LIFE-149-01SP TH 07:00PM-10:00PM
$25.00 240B
Introduction to Excel
Learn to add information, format fonts,
attributes, vertical & horizontal alignment,
rotate text, wrap text, indentation, change
column widths, center across columns.
Add fill color & paint borders around cells,
insert & remove columns & rows, delete
formatting. Work in Print Preview, Cut,
copy, paste, & auto fill (Jan, Feb, Mar or
1, 2, 3). Learn basic formulas & formulas
to sum numbers. Learn the tips & tricks to
make you efficient. Book Required.
COMP-107-01SP T
1/19-2/23 $95.00 512
Intermediate Excel
Review Introduction information & tips &
tricks. Create & remove multiple sheets,
change sheet order, name sheets & color
code the sheets. Format multiple sheets
at the same time (group). Use the format
painter to copy formatting, but not text,
use auto format feature, & conditional
formatting. Create formulas that sum,
average, find the largest number and
smallest number. Create formulas that
add between sheets. Lock row & column
headings for scrolling and for printing. Sort
lists, and filter those lists to smaller lists
(automatically). Book Required.
COMP 103-01SP T
$95.00 512
Introduction to Word
This course teaches you how to create and
save documents, fonts, alignment, line
spacing, bullets, indents, tabs, print preview,
papers size, margins, use proofing tools, etc.
Learn tips and tricks about selecting text,
copying, and tons of shortcuts that will save
hours. Book Required.
COMP-109-01SP W 06:00PM-09:00PM
1/20-2/24 $95.00 512
Intermediate Word
Teaches you how to work with pictures
& Word Art, labels, envelopes, work with
styles, table of contents, tables graphics,
headers/footers, & merge documents. You
will also work with charts & columns. Also
reviews the basics and shortcuts in Word.
Book Required.
COMP-105-01SP W 06:00PM-09:00PM
$95.00 512
Understanding Computers
For Today
This course is designed for the beginner in
basic computer technology. An overview
of word processing, spreadsheets, databases
and graphics will be given using the
following programs: Microsoft Word,
Excel, and Access. Book optional.
COMP- 292-01SP TH 07:00PM-10:00PM
1/21-2/25 $90.00 240B
Intro to Microsoft Access 2010
Discover how to reduce data entry errors by
setting default values, creating validation
rules, and building input masks. Make your
database more user-friendly with custom data
entry forms, smart lists, queries & macros.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Introduction to Windows 8
Explore how to move around within Windows
8 with the new Start screen, Charms bar, &
desktop. Manage apps & programs on the
Start screen. Create basic text documents &
edit photos. Learn how to protect your files &
use the new Internet Explorer browser.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Intro to Microsoft Publisher 2010
Perfect for beginners who want to learn how
to produce professional-quality newsletters,
fliers, letterheads, create and manage text,
pictures, graphics, tables and shapes. You
will also learn how to modify existing
documents and how to share Publisher
documents electronically. 
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Intro to Java Programming
Start with the basics of design & go on to
write your own programs & integrate input
and output, calculations, decision making, and
loops. Build your knowledge & confidence
using the latest release of Java. Learn to use
BlueJ, a free open-source product.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Introduction to PC Security
Understand and explore the many
vulnerabilities of operating systems,
software, and networks. Develop an
understanding of how to share files and data
and how to configure a firewall.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Tools for Teachers
- Non-Credit -
Teaching Smarter With
SMART Boards
Discover how to create outstanding
presentations with SMART Board and
SMART Notebook technology. Create your
own SMART board lessons blending text,
videos, and graphics.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Integrating Technology
in the Classroom
Learn the secrets of technology integration
in the classroom. Discover simple ways to
integrate technology to enhance your subject
material and meet your course goals.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Web Design
Creating WordPress Websites
You’ll get hands-on experience with this
powerful tool as you create your own
WordPress site and blog. Create pages
& posts, add images & videos, change a
site’s look & feel, & include user-friendly
features. You’ll see how much fun it is to be
part a vibrant WordPress online community. 
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Advanced Web Pages
You will learn to write HTML code for
page content and CSS code for page styling.
You’ll master cutting-edge techniques used
to create modern websites. In addition,
you’ll learn the latest and most effective
techniques for presenting layouts and video.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
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