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Eastern Idaho Technical College
or call (208) 524-3000 ext. 5344, 5345 or 5371
Instructor is fully certified in India. Class
is designed for students to experience the
true essence of Yoga. Emphasis on inner
awareness, moving consciously with breath
and learning safe alignments for each pose
and ending with a focused meditation. All
levels and ages are welcome.
(5 classes for $37.50 or 10 classes for $65
can be taken any time offered)
PHYE-108-01SP TTh
Year Round
Rm 20
PHYE-108-02SP MWF 12:30PM-1:30PM
Year Round
Rm 20
Beginning Tai Chi
Tai Chi Chuan is an old Chinese exercise &
movement system. It has been considered a
health exercise, meditation in movement, &
an internal martial art. Tai Chuan is effective
in strengthening bones, improving balance,
coordination, and reducing the negative
effects of stress. This course presents an
introduction to the solo exercise of the Yang
style short form as developed by Cheng
Man-ch’ing. It will provide you with a
system of exercise for health and stress
reduction as & a basis for more advanced
study of Chinese meditation & martial arts.
PHYE-105-01SP T
1/19-3/22 $60.00 20
Intermediate Tai Chi
Taking Tai Chi to the next level. Fun,
informative, good for your health, & soul.
Must have completed 6 week Intro to Tai Chi
or instructor approval to enroll.
PHYE-149-01SP T
1/19-3/22 $60.00 20
Let’s Dance, Dance Idaho!
Dance your way into fitness! You will learn
dance - choreography to popular songs.
Examples are: Salsa to Ricky Martin,
Cowboy to Luke Bryan, & Contemporary to
Michael Jackson (Thriller). Come have fun
and melt away those pounds!
PHYE-150-01SP MW 6:00PM-7:00PM
1/25-2/10 $30.00 20
Health and Wellness
Alternative Wellness
Ancient Science of Ayurveda
Join Ayurveda author Melodie McBride on
an adventure that will change your life. The
ancient principles of Ayurveda Science, a
5,000 year old system of natural healing
developed in India, will empower you to
achieve life balance, greater health and
well-being. Learn the best food groups
for your body and how an Ayurveda diet
and lifestyle will help you understand the
interrelationship between your body, mind,
and spirit. Start a new path to reducing
stress, regaining your health, and creating a
new and improved lifestyle.
HEAL-183-01SP TTH 07:00PM-08:30PM
1/19-2/11 $65.00 140
Ancient Science of Ayurveda ll
A continuation of the Ancient Science of
Ayurveda class. Learn more about the
interrelationship between your body, mind
and spirit. Continue your path to reducing
stress, regaining your health, and creating a
new and improved lifestyle.
HEAl-190-01SP TTH 07:00PM-08:30PM
2/16-3/10 $65.00 140
Intro to Acupressure and Manual
Techniques of Chinese Medicine
Relief at Your Fingertips. This course will
cover the locations of the most commonly
used pressure points to help with Joint
Pain, Headaches, Allergies, Stress Relief,
Fatigue… and much more! This is a hands
- on course!
HEAL-147-01SP T
$25.00 106
Meditation for Busy People
Enjoy the benefits of meditation by
beginning your practice right where you are.
Four classes will focus on practicing skills
of meditation, then learning how to apply
these skills in spare minutes such as waiting
in line or being stopped in traffic. The class
follows the book Real Meditation in Minutes
a Day by Arpaia and Rapgay (Wisdom
Publications Inc. 2008 ISBN 10:0-86171-
556-X) The book is recommended but not
required that participants have their own copy.
PHYE -151-01SP T
1/26-2/16 $25.00 580
Self-Inquiry for Radical Stress
Stress is not the result of a person or
situation, but is instead a result of your
thoughts. Even though we can’t force
ourselves to change our minds, when we
inquire using four questions, stressful
thoughts leave us. Learn to ‘love what is’.
LIFE-151-01SP T
$15.00 580
Health &
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