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Eastern Idaho Technical College
or call (208) 524-3000 ext. 5344, 5345 or 5371
Solar Box Cooking
Did you know that you can cook food, boil
water, and bake bread using sunlight as your
only energy source? Did you know you can
do this in the middle of the winter when it’s
20 below zero? This class will introduce
you to the amazing capabilities of solar box
cooking including how to make your own
solar box cooker. What a great idea for
everyday living and especially in hard times.
This class is packed with information and
RELI-112-01SP W 6:30PM-8:30PM
$20.00 545
Holistic Health
Do you feel run down, worn out, lethargic?
Have you lost your zip and drive? Do you
have the clarity of thought you had when
you were younger? Perhaps the most
important class in the series! Simple, basic,
powerful steps to vibrant health. This class
will explore the amazing simple steps you
can take to get your life back. Even if you
are healthy and energetic now, you will
discover methods to protect your health in
years to come. We will focus on recognition,
recovery, and prevention techniques and
processes that can sustain you right now
and especially during long periods of
challenging times.
RELI-105-01SP W 6:30PM-8:30PM
$20.00 545
Self-Reliant Home Construction
and Upgrades
This class is packed with information and
ideas. Learn how to use sustainable, green,
energy saving techniques, materials, and
systems. You could save hundreds of dollars
a month while setting yourself up for much
greater security and difficult times. This
class covers everything from passive designs
and planning to alternative heating and
power options. Whether you are considering
upgrading an existing home or building a
new home… this class is a must.
RELI-107-01SP W 6:30PM-8:30PM
$20.00 545
Sustainable Gardening and
You will learn how to significantly
extend your growing season and increase
production. This class covers techniques
to jump-start plants indoors, build cold
frames & solar greenhouses, seed saving,
home fertilizer production, and more. Learn
how to produce vine ripened tomatoes eight
months out of the year without using heat
or power. It’s never been more important to
learn the skills and techniques to provide
fresh, vibrant, healthy, nutrient dense foods.
RELI-115-01SP W 6:30PM-8:30PM
$20.00 545
Self Reliant Living (Attend 5 get 6
Live Abundantly Today….
Prepared Tomorrow
This class is an illuminating guide to
“Holistic Self-Reliance”. This class
introduces you to a powerful program and
system that will help you thrive in life,
build security through readiness, and it’s
powered by purpose driven living. Learn
how to “start where you’re at, use what you
already have, in ways you never imagined,
to accomplish things you never thought
possible. Simple steps, amazing results!
RELI-116-01SP W 6:30PM-8:30PM
$20.00 545
Alternative Energy
(Solar Power Focus)
Explore the exciting world of alternative
energies from an expert’s point of view.
Not only have I lived off-grid for 13
years and lived with the peace of energy
independence, I have designed, installed,
and worked with energy alternatives for
over 40 years. I will introduce you to the
possibilities and show you how you can put
this information to work for you. If this
topic is of interest to you, 2 hours could save
you weeks or even months of research on
your own and help you avoid costly pitfalls.
RELI-111-01SP W 6:30PM-8:30PM
$20.00 545
Advanced Conversational Spanish
This class is designed for advanced Spanish
students who are looking for a place to
practice and maintain their Spanish skills.
Each class will cover a different topic to be
discussed by the students with an emphasis
on student participation and build new
LANG-110-01SP W 07:00PM-09:00PM
$75.00 522
Beginning Conversational French
Communicate easily and comfortably with
those who speak French. Learn practical,
common phrases and learn dialogue specific
to various settings.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Instant Italian
Express yourself comfortably in Italian.
Learn practical, everyday words and phrases
that will make your stay in Italy more
enjoyable or to communicate in Italian in a
variety of settings.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Dave Noack
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