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Coming to EITC:
Christopher Balmer,
Internationally recognized and award winning photographer and
photography instructor is coming to EITC! With over 30 years of
extensive experience in all types of photography, teaching over 6,000
students nationally and throughout the world, Christopher’s passion
for teaching the art of photography will take your photography skills
to new heights.
In 2007, Christopher Balmer opened
Perfect Light Camera & Supply
with a desire to serve the community.
Though Christopher’s specialty is nature and wildlife photography, he also has extensive knowledge &
experience in portraiture, commercial, stock, fashion, flash and macro photography.
Christopher began his international
photography workshops in 2012 and has
taken students to Africa, the Amazon, Alaska,
Yellowstone, Iceland, and continues to expand
his trips each year. He shares his philosophy
of capturing the photo correctly in-camera and
g software to fix or alter
his images.
His true passion of helping his students become
better photographers is made obvious in the
time he devotes to assist each individual. We
know that you too will have an exceptional
experience by attending one of Christopher’s
fabulous photography classes.
Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone
from a powered parachute at over 2,000 ft.
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