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Eastern Idaho Technical College
or call (208) 524-3000 ext. 5344, 5345 or 5371
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Class price includes your very own micro
drone quadcopter. We’ll begin this class
by getting a crash course in multirotor
control with hands on flying and help
from an instructor. Fully autonomous
way point flights, video downlink, and
aerial photography/videography will be
demonstrated. Quick 30 min overview of
rules, FAA laws, and best practices will
be covered. Majority of this class will be
ARTS-195-01SP T
$70.00 558
Writing and
Publishing Series
Writing Short Stories for
Publication and Profit
You love to write and tell stories. Now learn
how to turn those stories into tight fiction
fit for publication. You’ll learn to hook the
reader, find the true beginning of the story,
cut away the unnecessary words, write a
submission letter, and create your best short
COMM-142-01SP M
1/25-2/15 $50.00 509
From Idea to Published Novel
If you’ve ever thought about writing that
novel, or maybe you have one sitting in your
desk drawer and you’re ready to clean it up.
If so this is your class. Learn to develop a
winning story idea, create characters and
story outlines, write your first draft, edit
your work, seek feedback, and choose the
best route to publication (traditional, small
press or self publishing).
COMM-143-01SP M
2/22-3/14 $50.00 509
Publish Your Work Today:
the Ins and Outs of
With Amazon, Apple and Nook you can
write a novel in the morning and have it
published by dinner time. But just because
it’s fast doesn’t mean it’s easy. Learn all
the facts about self-publishing today, what
pitfalls to avoid, where you should be
spending the majority of your time, learn to
do it yourself versus hiring a freelancer, how
to layout a book and prepare it for digital
printing and much more. By the end of this
class you will have the skills you need to
publish your own book.
COMM-144-01SP M
3/21-4/11 $50.00 509
Painting and Drawing
Pen & Ink Watercolor Workshop
Learn the creative use of pen and ink with
watercolor. Linda teaches in a step-by-step
approach with lots of individual attention.
Learn numerous tricks and techniques
of watercolor. You will receive a lot of
individual attention. You are welcome
bring your own watercolor materials or
borrow Linda’s in the workshop. Beginners
Sack lunch suggested.
ARTS-199-01SP S
Linda Aman
Painting a Rose
Watercolor Workshop
In this workshop you will learn secrets of
painting a rose. Linda teaches with step-by-
step methods of painting glazes for smooth
luminous petals without making mud.
Learn tricks of making petals curve. You
will receive a lot of individual attention.
You are welcome bring your own your
watercolor materials or borrow Linda’s in
the workshop.
Sack lunch suggested.
ARTS-214-01SP S
Linda Aman
Watercolor Basics
Introduction to watercolor painting
techniques. Watercolor with success, using
the right paper, paints, brushes, and a variety
of exercises to help students practice their
watercolor skills. For beginners and those
who would like more opportunities to
improve their abilities
ARTS-216-01SP TH
2/18-3/17 $80.00 573
Art Journaling
An art journal is a journal in which you
combine art and words to express yourself.
You can use your journal to experiment with
art techniques & ideas. Get your thoughts
& feelings out on paper in a creative way.
Document your life, and enjoy the creative
process. In this class we’ll be taking an
old hardback book to make our journal.
We’ll cover preparing the book, creating
backgrounds, using stencils, stamps, collage
and lettering and more. Come explore this
fantastic art form.
ARTS-190-01SP T
1/19-2/23 $55.00
Creating Your Own
Comic Book Series
How to
Write a Comic Book
Do you love comic books? Want to learn
how to write your own? In this class you
will learn how to develop your story idea,
write visual cues for artists, use the industry
standard for submitting your comic book
script to publishers, how to write dialogue,
and create a series arc or a one-shot comic.
ARTS-205-01SP TH
1/21-2/11 $50.00 509
Comic Book Layout
Visual storytelling is more than just good
pictures. Learn to create visual stories that
lead the reader from panel to panel and page
to page. Learn about the golden ratio and
rule of thirds and how to use them when
laying out a comic book.
ARTS-206-01SP TH
2/18-2/25 $25.00 509
Creating Comic Books
with Daz3d
Want to make your own comic books but
feel your art skills are lacking? Learn how
to use 3d modeling to shape, create, color
and pose in order to make comic books
effortlessly. You will learn to use Daz3d, a
3d modeling software, to make your own
comic books. This course will also cover
the importance of shape and color in visual
storytelling. At the end of this course you
will be able to create the art for your own
comic book.
ARTS-207-01SP TH
$60.00 509
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