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Eastern Idaho Technical College
or call (208) 524-3000 ext. 5344, 5345 or 5371
Art Journaling ll
In this class we will continue exploring
the process of creating in our Art Journals.
With the use of different supplies and
techniques we will explore more complex
ways of creating in your journal. Topics we
will cover include adding texture, lettering,
doodling, zentangles, sewn paper and fabric,
silhouettes and making simple stamps and
ARTS-208-01SP T
Portraits in Oils
This class is for beginner to intermediate
students. Learn the basics of shading,
values, basic composition and accuracy of
portraits-in oil. Learn the techniques of the
Old Masters disciplined, precision skills.
(Additional tools required)
ARTS-174-01SP TH 10:30AM-1:30PM
1/21-2/25 $90.00 573
ARTS-174-02SP T
1/19-2/23 $90.00 573
Sketchbook Drawing
This class will challenge you to draw in your
sketchbook everyday. A variety of drawing
techniques will be introduced to help you
learn to draw from life, reference, and your
imagination. We will experiment with a few
different drawing mediums. Ideal for the
beginning artist as well as intermediate and
advanced artists who want to participate in a
sketchbook challenge
ARTS-215-01SP T
1/26-2/23 $60.00 574
Intro To Color and Design
An introduction to Design, Composition,
and Color Theory for Artists. This class is
ideal for beginning to intermediate students.
Learn the principles of design that will help
you control focal points to create better
drawings, paintings, graphics, and more.
Learn about the attributes of color and how
to apply color schemes to your images.
Students will be given the opportunity to
work on a variety of assignments.
ARTS-201-01SP T
$60.00 574
Jewelry Making
Beaded Tree of Life Project
This ever popular design may look
complicated, but it’s easy with a little
instruction. Design your own Tree of Life
using wire and beads – it can be small for
a pendant or large for a suncatcher! Tools
and necessary supplies must be provided by
ARTS-171-01SP W 6:30PM-09:00PM
$15.00 580
Intro to Beaded Jewelry Making
Design your own beaded jewelry!
Practice beginner jewelry techniques such
as stringing, crimping, and basic wire
wrapping. Expect to design and make,
repair, or repurpose two or more pieces
including earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
Tools and necessary supplies must be
provided by students
ARTS-148-01SP W 07:00PM-09:00PM
1/20-1/27 $25.00 580
Bead Weaving - Flat Stitches
There are many beadweaving stitches – learn
two popular flat stitches in this class, peyote
and herringbone. Practice the techniques
in class, begin your project, work on your
design at home, and finish your jewelry
in the second class! Tools and necessary
supplies must be provided by student.
ARTS-209-01SP W 07:00PM-09:00PM
2/10-2/17 $25.00 580
Wire and Bead Rings
Learn how to use wire and beads to create
colorful rings! This class is great for
beginners or anyone looking for a quick,
fun project. Additional design ideas will
be covered in class as well. Tools and
necessary supplies must be provided by
ARTS-210-01SP W 07:00PM-09:00PM
$15.00 580
Flame Weave with Round Wire
This is an intermediate to advanced wire
work technique used to create bracelets,
rings, pendants, or even set cabochons!
Students will practice the technique the first
night and work on a project of choice the
second night. Tools and necessary supplies
must be provided by student.
ARTS-192-01FA W 7:00PM-09:00PM
$25.00 580
Beadweaving Right Angle Weave
Right Angle Weave, also called RAW, is a
popular and versatile beadweaving stitch.
Use this stitch with a variety of beads and
layers to create intricate designs! BONUS
– learn how to use this stitch to capture
cabochons as well! Tools and necessary
supplies must be provided by student.
ARTS-211-01SP W 7:00PM-09:00PM
$25.00 580
Wire Jig Jewelry
A fun beginner to intermediate technique!
A wire jig is a great way to replicate wire
designs for matching earrings or handmade
chain. Learn how to create your own
designs with a wire jig and connect those
designs to create jewelry. Tools and
necessary supplies must be provided by
ARTS -212-01SP W 7:00PM-09:00PM
4/20-4/27 $25.00 580
Crystal Clay Jewelry
A fun beginner class! Learn how to use
crystal clay (also called epoxy clay) and
flat back crystals and/or small cabochons to
create a one-of-a-kind pendant. Additional
design ideas such as earrings, photo frames,
and embellished jewelry links will be gone
over in class. Instructor will provide enough
crystal clay for a single pendant – additional
supplies must be provided by student.
ARTS-213-01SP W 7:00PM-09:00PM
$15.00 580
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