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Student Work-Study

The work-study program is a federal, state, and school funded need based program. To be eligible for work-study, students must fill out their FAFSA application for the current school year, must be in a financial aid eligible program, and must be at least enrolled half-time (6 credits). Work-study is awarded to students who have answered "yes" to the following question on the FAFSA application (Are you interested in being considered for work-study?). Usually students work between 10-20 hours a week depending on the department at $8.50 per hour.

Job Openings:

Job Title Status
BOT Marketing Work Study OPEN
IT Work Study OPEN

How to apply for work-study?

  1. Complete FAFSA application answering "yes" to the question about work-study. www.fafsa.gov
  2. Accept work-study award through the financial aid section in Web Advisor.
  3. Review job postings. [SEE CURRENT POSTINGS BELOW ] 
  4. To apply for a position, email Tiffany Cleverly at tiffany.cleverly@my.eitc.edu or call 524-3000 ext. 5311, or visit Room 307 in the Student Services Office, in the Christofferson Building.

What Next?

  1. Tiffany will email you the application and a sample resume. (Must be completely filled out.)
  2. Once you have completed the forms and emailed them back to Tiffany, she will forward them to the department with the open work-study position.
  3. The departments will conduct the interviews and hire the student.

Once hired, what is the next step?

  1. Fill out HR paperwork with Tiffany. (This step must be completed before student starts work.)
  2. Complete GCN Training. (A required process for all school employees including work-study.)
  3. Complete orientation if required and meet with HR about submitting time.

Working during school vacations

If funding is available, students may work during school vacations. Tiffany will notify students and supervisors about working during this time. Students are not required to work during school vacations.

Responsibilities as Work-Study Student

If you as a student are hired for a work-study position, you need to remember that this is a job and professionalism is a must. Always make sure and check with your supervisor to see what the dress code is for that department. Also before doing a job for a different supervisor, make sure that your main supervisor does not have a job for you already, so that you avoid any issues. If you need to miss work, do not forget to notify your supervisor.  

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