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Standards of Academic Progress (SAP)

Academic: Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or above and meet the academic standards of the institution as listed in the catalog.

Progress Eligibility: In addition to maintaining academic standards, all students receiving federal financial aid will be required to satisfactorily complete (receive grades other than D+, D, D-, F, AU, CH, IC, IW, S, or W) a specified number of credits within their program of study per semester based on the number of credits enrolled during that semester.  For the purpose of financial aid, credit hour completion is classified according to the following schedule.

Enrollment Status
Required Credit
Hour Completion
Full-time = 12 (or more) credit hours 9 credit hours
Three-quarter time = 9-11 credit hours 6 credit hours
Half-time = 6-8 credit hours 6 credit hours
Less than Half-time = 1-5 credit hours Complete all credits
Summer Term
Enrollment Status
Required Credit
Hour Completion
Summer Full-time = 6 (or more) credit hours 5 credit hours
Summer Three-quarter time = 5 credit hours 4 credit hours
Summer Half-time = 3-4 credit hours 3 credit hours
Summer Less than Half-time=1-2 credit hours Complete all credits


Financial Aid Disqualification:    Failure to comply with the academic standards or the progress eligibility standards will result in ineligibility for student aid.

Reinstatement:  Students disqualified from Financial Aid eligibility may regain eligibility by: (1) Attending an additional semester without the assistance of Financial Aid and; (2) Retake the failed or incomplete credits (See Financial Aid Progress eligibility chart) required to meet satisfactory academic progress (SAP).  Courses retaken must be from the approved list of required courses from the student's program of study.  The student must also meet academic standards as well as financial aid standards to be reinstated.  After meeting requirements students must submit a Financial Aid General Appeal to the Financial Aid Office explaining that they have completed requirements and would like to be reinstated for Financial Aid.


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