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Grades and Honors

Information and grading table

Figure Your GPA (Grade Point Average): To calculate grade point
average, first multiply the number of credits each course is worth by
the point value for the letter grade earned in that course. A = 4 points
per credit; B = 3; C = 2; D = 1 point, IW and F = 0 points. This
calculation will give you the grade points for each course. Next, total
the grade points of all courses for that semester and divide it by the
number of credit hours attempted. The result is your GPA.
INCLUDED in the calculation of grade point averages (GPA):

Grade Points Percentage

A 4.0 95%
A- 3.7 90%
B+ 3.3 87%
B 3.0 85%
B- 2.7 80%
C+ 2.3 77%
C 2.0 75%
C- 1.7 70%
D+ 1.3 67%
D 1.0 65% (except Jan 7, 1998 - Dec 12, 2003 was "0" point)
D- .76 0%
F 0.0 0%

D = 1 (8/23/93 - 12/08/97)
D = 0 (1/07/97 - 12/12/03)
D = 1 (after 01/01/04)

The following grades ARE NOT INCLUDED in the calculation of
grade point averages.

S = By entrance exam
W = Withdrawn
P = Pass
AU = Audit (no credit earned)
CH = Challenge Exam
IC = Incomplete (calculates as "F" until course completed)

Information on Vice President's and President's Honors

Honor Cord: Students completing all of their course work based on their cumulative GPA at designated date are eligible to wear an honor cord.

This honor designation is based on the December CUM GPA or their last attended semester (if prior to December).

Honor or High Honor designation is also listed on the certificate/degree of completion.

  • Silver Cord: Cumulative GPA 3.50 to 3.749
  • Gold Cord: Cumulative GPA 3.75 to 4.0



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