Parental Consent

Directions: Print this page and complete the form. After the Consent form is signed, mail it to:
Susan Sorensen
Region 6 Eastern Idaho Professional-Technical High School
1600 S 25th E
Idaho Falls, ID 83404.

A separate consent form is not required when enrolling in Part II if one was submitted for Part I.

Please read the Course Description so you can support your student in successfully completing this Internet course. Students need to be highly motivated for this independent course work. The course description can be found at

Parental Consent is required for minor students due to the course content on body systems (including the Reproductive System) and healthy lifestyles, which includes a section on sexual health. For more specific content please contact the course instructor (Susan Sorensen, (208) 524-3000 Ext 3322 or email:

Parent's or guardian's name. (Please print)_______________________ consent to have (student's

name)__________________________ take Fundamentals for Health Professions Internet Course.

Parent or guardian's mailing address:

Name: __________________________

Street Address: __________________________

City/State/Zip: __________________________

Phone Number: __________________________

Parent or Guardian Signature: ___________________________________

Date: ____________